Yep…Thanksgiving is here~ three more days and we’ll be on a Tryptophan high… you know, the amino acid found in turkey that makes you super sleepy.

And so with the coming of Thanksgiving arrives the Holiday Season.  My non-official survey (um, friends, family, facebook…) tells me that as much as we love Tis’ the Season, it’s also super stressful.  Shopping, Cooking, Preparing; not to mention everyday schedules of work, kids, bills.  Makes you wanna shout Bah Humbug a time or two!

But… as any good Goodies Girl knows,  a quick stress-reliever is only moments away…

Yes, ladies.  Go on… stop what you’re doing and go have yourself an O (that’s ORGASM if you’re not on your A-Game today)!!!  Whether it’s an all-alone 5-minute quickie in the bathroom, or an hour-long love fest with the honey… the chemicals released in your largest sex organ (that would be your BRAIN) will make the stress MELT AWAY! 😉

And for those of you (you know who YOU are) that are swamped at work because of the holiday madness… well, take a restroom break.  Lock the door (or stall), and escape to your very own sexy paradise for a few~ I promise you’ll be MUCH HAPPIER, and MUCH MORE PRODUCTIVE the remainder of your shift (just remember that QUIET’S probably something you’ll want to remember on this jaunt 😉 )!

And now’s the time to also schedule your Goodies Girl Holiday Party!  Aside the Mighty “O”, what better way to step away from your stresses and HAVE A BLAST WITH YOUR GIRLS (and pick yourself…or your sweetie…or both of you… up a Goodie or two!!!)