How long does a Goodies Girl Soiree typically last?

The soiree will typically last about 4ish hours (including shopping time).  Your Goodies Girl will usually arrive 15-30 minutes prior to the party to set up her display/ shopping boutique and will take about the same amount of time after the party to pack up.

Will there be a product demonstration?

Yes!  We’ll present a variety of products- allowing everyone to see, taste, smell and/or feel them.

What types of products will the Goodies Girl bring/present?

We’ll will arrive with a large assortment of bath, body, lotions, & potions as well as an array of pleasure toys.

Should I provide snacks?

Usually, the host provides light snacks (think veggie trays, dips & chips etc) and the beverages of your choice.  Many hosts invite their guests to bring treats and/or beverages. If you’ve planned a themed soiree, it’s always a fun idea to incorporate food/beverage to match the event (I’ve got some FABULOUS theme Ideas…Just ask!).  The Goodies Girl does ask that you don’t serve super messy finger foods, i.e.chicken wings w/ sauces etc.since guests will be handling an assortment of products.

How many people should I invite?

It’s a SOIREE..the more, the merrier!  A 10-20 person guest list is a good idea.  You can expect approx. 50% of invited guests to attend.

What should I tell invited guests about the soiree?

MAKE SURE TO EXPLAIN THAT YOU’RE HOSTING PLEASURE SOIREE and there will be sexual items and discussions taking place.  NEVER “surprise” your guests- we want to make sure everyone has an idea of what to expect and where they are going- surprises sometimes leave people uncomfortable.

Can men come to the soiree?

A Goodies Girl Soiree is commonly a “girls only” event, however, we gladly offer couples parties.  We ask that you let us know your plans so we can prepare your soiree accordingly. Also, make sure to let all invited guests know that it will be a mixed crowd.

How old do guests have to be to attend?

Everyone in the home must be 18 or older, even if they are not in the room the soiree is being held.  Adult products and conversation will be taking place, and we have no exceptions to this rule.

What types of things will the Goodies Girl be discussing?

Conversations about sexual and sensual health, well-being, and pleasure, along with product information and use will be discussed at your soiree.  There will be language that varies from medical terminology to non-medical.  If you are uncomfortable with certain topics or language, please speak with us in advance so we can modify your presentation accordingly.

Will my guests purchases be discreet?

Absolutely!  We request you set a private room in your home aside for individual shopping.  Each guest will have the opportunity to ask private questions and shop by themselves.  No one will know what a guest has purchased (unless, of course, they choose to tell!).

What do I need to do prior to the Goodies Girl’s arrival?

We ask that you clear the area you plan on having the soiree, allowing enough space for guests to sit and feel comfortable.  We will need an area to set up our displays and products, as well as another private area for shopping.

Will I receive any perks/ awards for hosting a party?

You certainly will!  See the Hostess Soiree Benefits page for more information.

Can my guests bring people with them?

They sure can!  It’s a SOIREE!!!  And if they do choose to bring along a guest, they will be entered into a contest with the opportunity to win 20% of their order!

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, and credit.

How will my guests receive their purchase?

One of the many wonderful things about a Goodies Girl Soiree is that we bring the boutique to you!  Many of our products will be available the night of your soiree to take home. If items aren’t available on your soiree night, we have several options for delivery- quickly and in discreet packaging.  Out of stock items are usually delivered within 2 weeks of the soiree.  The Goodies Girl will keep you updated on arrival time.

Will The Goodies Girl provide invitations for my guests?

Absolutely!  We are happy to create both e-vites, email invites, as well as a Facebook page for your soiree.