Since we’re on the whole subject of blow jobs (read workshop post HERE)… a comment I’m hearing a lot is about, you guessed it… HAIR!

Hair down there… and how to tactfully remedy this little issue.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not a big fan of flossing with my man’s pubes during oral.  And if he’s got a lot of hair going on down there, well,  it can make the whole deed less-than-fun (unless you like hairy, and that’s okay too ;)!).  

But, if you’re like a lot of ladies and finding yourself in this dilemma, here are some suggestions your Goodies Girl recommends:

First off, we need to approach the situation gently.  Men have feelings too.  Nothing worse than telling him that something he has or does grosses us out!  How’d you like to hear that?  The conversation obviously has to take place (if you really do want to remedy the situation), but remember to use tact.

 Let him know it would be fun to “trim” him up a bit.  The mini clippers made for bikini areas or a pair of small scissors make it a breeze to give the guy a mini-mani of the shrubs.  You can even help!  Make it sexy.  Hell, make it part of foreplay (very gentle, kind foreplay… NO ROUGH HOUSING HERE! hehe).

You could also suggest a bare-as-you-dare shave.  The Goodies Girl offersCoochy Rash Free Shave Creme COOCHY Shave Cream,  it really does work wonders for both women and men- leaving the pubic (and other hairy areas) silky smooth and rash free!

Remember, if your pleasure increases (buh-bye pubes in thy teeth) you will increase his pleasure (and don’t forget to let him know this!).  Survey after survey shows that a man’s favorite part of receiving oral is his partner’s ENTHUSIASM.
So rid yourself of that HAIRY SITUATION and get ENTHUSED!