Goodies Girl Parties… Just plain fun (and educational too!)!  So how in the world could you possibly make something so fabulous even better?


That’s right- who doesn’t like going to fun-themed events? And as I’m sitting here preparing next months calendar and events, CINCO DE MAYO popped up!

The visual

Cinco de Mayo’s a fun holiday to begin with.  I always expect May 5th to be a great day…

Wouldn’t it be a blast to offer Sangria & Margaritas as the beverages of choice at your party!?  How ’bout some spicy decorations & homemade (or pretend homemade ;)) salsa and guacamole along with those Tostitos- even a delicious Tres Leches Cake…YUM!

Ohhh, I can see all the fabulous possibilities! I’ll make sure I bring all my saucy Latin love toys along too (how about the Latin-Lifelike King…wink, wink)!

So okay girls!  Let’s get to planning!  Send the boys out to drink their own Corona’s (or, heck, invite them too!) and let’s get to ¡Viva-ing Cinco de Mayo!

Learn all about Cinco de Mayo HERE

READY TO PLAN YOUR CINCO de MAYO Event of the Year (or schedule any other party date?) Contact your Goodies Girl & let’s get this party started!