Did you know that the Goodies Girl does Co-Ed Adult sex toy Soirees in Las Vegas?  

That’s right!  And lemme tell you, they are SUPER fun!  

The party format changes a wee bit, with more focus on couples and male enhancement/ pleasure products, and everyone always has a great time!

One of the things I love the most about presenting the “goodies” to men and women together is the male participation and their willingness to learn a thing or two about their woman!  Ladies, men REALLY, REALLY, REALLY are interested in pleasing us– and they’ll go to great lengths to learn new ideas and techniques.  

This is GOOD NEWS for us ladies!!!  Odds are, the “after party” is going to be one of the most exciting you’ve had in a loooonnnnngggg time! 😉

So gather up your group of friends and give me a holler!  I will assist in planning a party you will not soon forget!