There are some good products, there are some great products, and then there are the OMG~ THAT’S FRICKING AMAZING products that will add oh lala OOMPH to your love-making sessions.  

The Liberator Wedge makes it to the very tip- top o’ the list of the latter.  

Liberator offers a wonderful variety of “Bedroom Adventure Gear”, and the wedge, in my opinion, is a staple.

Manufacture’s Description: ” Often called the connoisseur’s serving spoon of choice, the Liberator Wedge delivers a divine incline for deeper penetration and G-spot navigation. The 27-degree angle excels every oral performance, eases any anal expedition, and intensifies every single sexy sensation. “

Sounds great, right?  It’s better than great!  It’s angle allows both partners to enjoy an experience sex just doesn’t offer without the wedge.  Think deeper penetration, limitless positioning, and a new dimension pleasure, of  all the while taking strain off both partners (sore, cramped hips and lower back- buhbye!).  

The quality is beyond superior– the Wedge is sculpted from champagne foam- firm and totally supportive-  with a soft, luxurious removable micro-fiber cover (unzip for a quick toss in the wash).  

It’s just one of those products (like lube) that I believe should be part of everyone’s everyday lovemaking sessions!

Questions about the Wedge?  Give me a holler~ I’d LOVE to tell you all about this AMAZING item!

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Talk soon!