As many of you know, I believe the bullet is a staple EVERY SINGLE WOMAN should have in her sexual-well-being arsenal– even if it’s THE ONLY item she owns!



Oh, let me count the ways….

There are a lot of fabulous bullets out there.  A lot. And their general premise is always the same.  Clitoral stimulation- although I have a mighty long list of other amazing uses for the almighty bullet (look for those in another post!). But today’s goody…well, it deserves a post of its own… because ladies, THIS BULLET VIBRATOR ROCKS!

The Whisper has a wonderful, ergonomic base controller.  Its shape fits perfectly in your hand and the speed button is located in an easy to access spot, while not being over-sensitive (no “accidental” speed changes, shut-off’s to lose the moment…).  The wire that attaches the base to the bullet is long- giving you the option to move around a bit.  It’s also great for couple’s play because your partner can control it without loosing your spot! And a truly noteworthy feature of The Whisper is its fabulous texture.  Covered in California Exotics trademarked Rubber Cote, The Whisper feels like silk in your hands- and on your…. 🙂

This bullet has two speeds, both pretty dang powerful– two AA batteries give vibrations you’d only expect from double d’s!  Actually more powerful than any bullet I’ve ever met before. The almost-silent speeds are crazy amazing!

Talking about the super power- I’ve met a lot of ladies who tell me they don’t necessarily enjoy a ton of powerful clitoral stimulation.  They like a lighter touch.  Since we are all different, I have to repeat that The Whisper is STRONG.  But here’s a great tip for you girls who don’t always enjoy over-stimulation– try placing a sheet, towel, really any sort of fabric (even your jammies) over your girly parts prior to play.  It will lessen the intensity a bit- and the feel of a great fabric on your skin can be so sensual!

When California Exotics (the maker of this gem) named it, they named it right!

WHISPERshe’s a quiet little thing… A faint hum (similar to a buzzing bumble bee) and that’s it.  You never feel like your on the motor-speedway and need earplugs.  Quiet enough that whoever is in the next room won’t have a clue…

MICRO– Holy Wow the Whisper is TINY- and in this case, tiny’s a good thing ;).  About the length of just the tip to the first knuckle of your pinky, and about half the width… who woulda thunk this little gem could pack the power it does?  The size is wonderful for spot-on accuracy.  Easily finding the spot that makes you smile (or whatever face you make- hehe)…

HEATED-yep, you don’t think it get’s better… and then WHAMMO! It warms up to a delightful little temperature also!  OH EM GEE!

The Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet is a product I talk about often… The simplicity, design, and power are worthy of a FIVE STAR GOODIES GIRL RATING! And priced at only $19.99, it’s a SUPER VALUE TOO!!!

Thank you, California Exotic!

To order the Whisper Micro-Heated Bullet, or even better yet…Host a Party and get a HUGE DISCOUNT (possibly even FREE!), contact your goodies girl!