Are you looking for a way to spice up a steamy love-making session?  Take it to the next level of ooh-la-la?

My Goody of the Week is going to do just that for you!!!


(the packaging, well…they certainly could have skipped the porn-style lovin’ photoshowever, it does give up JUST-A-FEW ideas on using this inflatable delight!)

Gawd and Lawdy…. I love this pillow/wedge!  It takes your normal sexy positions and adds a new dimension of “oomph” to them.  It makes you think (and hopefully act out)  new & exciting ways to position yourselves during a hot romp!

Seriously… Seriously.  

The concept of the Position Master, the inflatable sex position cushion is fairly simple.  It’s designed to prop you up and angle you or your lover in just the right way …allowing for deeper penetration, easier control, and complete comfort.


There are soooo many fab details about it.  Here are my bullet-point fav’s.

  • Totally Portable-  it inflates and deflates with ease, allowing you to take your cushion with you on trips, sexy outings, wherever your desire takes you… This is also a wonderful feature for people who want to store the Position Master away from prying eyes…
  • Wonderful angular/wedge design.  Making reaching “the-right-spot” quite simple
  • The exterior of the wedge has a “flocked” fabric.  Great for many reasons…. a) makes for a non-slip surface and b) fab for easy-peasy cleanup!
  • Easy and sturdy grip handles are placed strategically on each side of pillow for keeping those fun positions without losing your rhythm
Raving reviews from clients who have had the opportunity to enjoy the Position Master always include the fact that not only does the positioning pillow enhance their experience, but it also takes stress off the body.  The design allows for more pleasurable, less tiring enjoyment. 

Definitely a Goodies Girl 5-Star Product!


The Position Master Inflatable Pillow/Wedge from Pipedreams is available through the Goodies Girl for $39.99.  Purchase this WONDERFUL product directly, or HOST A Las Vegas PLEASURE/FUN Party and earn credits towards receiving this gem (possibly even for FREE!).