Had you have asked me, oh… three or four years ago,  if I ever saw myself writing about lube-  well, I probably would have looked at you a little sideways.

Ha ha!  Here I am.  Writing about lube.  And it’s not my first go at it either (see other lube post HERE).  And who woulda thunk lube would be such an important topic.  But it is.  For sure!

I recently announced The Goodies Girl’s Sexy-As-You-Are Workshop Series.  And with the first Las Vegas workshop covering the almighty blowjob, I felt it important to talk once again about lube.  ‘Cause lubes not just for penetration, no siree.

There’s truly an art when providing oral to your partner.  And one of the obstacles that the “giver” can face is lack of lubrication.  Dry, cotton mouth woes.  And as bad as it is for the “giver”, well… I’ve been told it’s a heck-of-a-lot worse for the receiving end of it.  (Almost) nothing more dreadful than friction on his member while he’s doing everything in his power to find that “bliss-filled happy place”, now is there?…

But no fret.  This one’s an easy road block to scoot past.  A little flavored lube, and voila’- problem solved!  Now finding the RIGHT flavored lube- well, that one could be challenging.  Because no two personal lubricants, no less flavored lubes, are created equal.

Sticky, messy, gooey, overly-sweet, icky-just some of the terms I’ve heard used.  I think I’ve used most all of them myself!  And who wants to deal with that?

The good news is I’ve found a fabulous product.  Great consistency.  Glides super smoothly.  Lasts a good period of time.  Tastes delish.


I am so in love with this lube!  ID makes great personal lubricants, and their JUICY line is no exception.  It’s actually the first flavored lubricant I’ve come across that doesn’t taste like an overly-sweet chemically flavored mess.  The flavors are not overbearing, and almost taste like a Jolly Rancher candy to me.  And when you’re using flavored lubes…well, taste is certainly important, right?!

It’s a water-based lubricant, but as water-based goes, its consistency is thicker than most I’ve encountered.  This is a big bonus when using for oral because it lasts longer than most.  Less re-application = more lovin’ time!

The 1.9 oz. size comes in an airless pump.  Wonderful for easy, mess-free application and the airless pump ensures freshness (because nobody wants no stale lube… right?! 😉 ).  ID Juicy Lube is also non-staining.  So you don’t have to worry about the ten zillion count Egyptian cotton sheets you adore- you can focus on providing ultimate pleasure to your partner! 🙂

I-D Juicy Lube can be used for penetration along with oral.  It is sugar-free, however, it does contain glycerin (which is a sugar derivative)-  My suggestion is that if you’re highly sensitive, or possibly prone to infections, you might want to use a sugar and glycerin-free lubricant for sex.  HERE is a link to some of my favorites (I especially LOVE the PINK line!)

The Goodies Girl offers this FABULOUS lube in two sizes: 
12 g tube- $3.99
1.9 oz. airless pump- $9.99

Current flavors available are: Watermelon, Peach, Cherry, Passion Fruit and Banana.  

Here’s to a tasty treat!

Contact your Goodies Girl to order ID Juicy Lube or any other wonderous product she offers!!!

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