I really have an uncontrollable urge to begin this post like an infomercial… I infomercialmean, seriously- I do.

I can hear it now…
“Tired of nasty razor bumps?  Worried that summer is right around the corner and your bikini line is going to be red and irritated?  Try Coochy!  Only one application and you’ll be SOLD!”

But I digress.  No need for Ron Popeil or Billy Mays here ladies.

Coochy.  Silly name.  The product of the century- for sure.

Coochy Rash Free Shave Creme


I could come up with a whole lotta funny euphemisms, but I won’t.  Because if you haven’t heard of – or ever tried Coochy, well, it’s a product you want to know about.

Per the manufacturer’s label on the bottle:

“Coochy Rash Free Shave Créme is specially formulated to protect skin and provide a smooth, moisturizing shave to any part of the body.  Designed for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  Appropriate for use on legs, underarms, pubic area, face and body.”

I don’t feel this even begins to explain how wonderful a product Coochy is… Yes, it’s a rash free shave créme.  Yes, you can use it to shave even your most delicate girly (and boy) parts.  And…. I’ve NEVER found another product that even comes close to the wonderful-ness (yes, my word…) of Coochy.

A little of the product goes a long way… Unlike your everyday, drug store shaving cream, Coochy has a conditioner-like consistency and a thin layer does the trick well.  It conditions your hair and leaves a silky layer that even the cheapest of razors will smoothly glide over.  It will leave your skin baby smooth, hair free and, most importantly, without the ugly and painful razor rash!  Heck, men even love it for shaving their facial hair!

I have never, never-ever-ever, come across a person who’s tried it and didn’t like it. Coochy is, hands down, the Goodies Girl’s #1 seller.

So…(in my best late-night infomercial voice)… if you’re tired of shaving only to awaken with red, irritated razor burn… You MUST give COOCHY a try!  Order NOW!   Operators are standing by.  🙂

Make your, er….Coochy happy!
8oz. pump…….$15

Call, Text, Email, Send by Courier Pigeon.. whatever.. me to order this FABULOUS product!