The most recent Goodies Girl Goody of the Week was The Whisper Micro-Heated bullet- yep, the fab-tab bullet I had to give rave reviews and the highest  FIVE STAR GOODIES GIRL RATING!

In my Las Vegas Fun/Pleasure Party business, I obviously see (and get the chance to experience) a plethora of vibrators in all different shapes and styles.  With all the fabulous pleasure products that are available- and there are MANY I still believe that the #1 item EVERY SINGLE WOMAN in the world should own is a Bullet/Egg Vibe!
It’s actually become my mission… putting these tiny powerhouses in the hands of women everywhere!


If you’ve had the opportunity to experience a bullet, well, you already know why it should be a staple.  If you haven’t been quite so lucky, my suggestion to you is… GET ONE!  PRONTO!

Bullet Vibes are available in tons of different selections, and they all are created with the same premise in mind… Clitoral Stimulation.

And since approximately 90% of us ladies need our little love button stimulated in order for us to achieve an orgasm, a bullet only makes sense.

One of the many great features of the bullet is its small size.  Easy enough to pull out in a pinch… carry in your handbag…heck- even keep one in the glove compartment in your car!


Depending on your bullet choice, many are very reasonably priced- The Goodies Girl’s best seller is the Silver Bullet.  It’s sleek, has a wonderful ergonomic controller, and an amazing range of variable speed- all at under $10! Less than ten bucks for heavenly bliss!

Certainly reasonable enough to even own more than one- keeping them close at hand!

There are also bullet vibes that are wireless, waterproof, remote controlled…the list is almost endless.  And even more limitless, are the ways you can find to enjoy your bullet! (Check back soon for the post about bullet uses!)

These are just bullet basics- I could go on and on jabbering about why I think all ladies (and gents too!) should pack their very own …  Really. They’re that wonderful!