Have you ever wondered how some women can walk into a room and just turn heads?  It always amazed me to see that girl- and experience has shown me, in most instances, she’s not the most ravishingly beautiful woman. Many times not having the “best body”, or even “whitest teeth”.  But she has something. She makes men’s heads turn.  Their eyes light up like little boys on Christmas morning.  Hell, even the women in the room usually flock to her.

She’s got some secret sex-symbol attraction about her. But why?

Why?  Because she- whether she was born with the knack, or learned it along her way- believes in herself.  She’s confident with who she is. Yeah, maybe her teeth are slightly crooked, or maybe she has a little tummy.  She knows that, but she’s good with it.  Because she knows exactly who she is. She knows to walk upright, look people in the eye,  and smile.

Here’s a quick tip: Most of us ladies spend a fair amount of our lives beating ourselves up.  Wishing we had less of, more of, a different… That’s just silly. Will bigger boobs give me more confidence?  Oh, I’ve thought many times about going under the knife to find out if they would.  But then I realized the likelihood was probably pretty slim.  So I learned to love, LOVE, my Barely B boobies!  Did this new found love make me any sexier?  Um…. I certainly believe it made me more confident.  And confidence is totally sexy!

Bet there’s been at least a few times in your life you’ve just wished you were “sexy”- able to turn heads just like that unlikely woman at the beginning of this post.

The Golden Tip to Being Sexy: STOP THINKING ABOUT BEING SEXY! Gain some self-confidence and think about… SEXY THINGS.  Try it.  Right now, try it. Visualize something you feel fits into your category of sexy.  Whether a sexual encounter, a look, a touch.. whatever your personal definition is.  Now place yourself in that scenario.

Hold your head up, shoulders back.  Close your eyes and see it.  How do you feel?  Keep trying it out.  This technique WILL WORK.  Because get this… YOU ARE SEXY!  You’ve got it within.  Now you’ve just got to unleash that sexy beast!

That’s right…unleash it sister-girl!  So with that being said… well, I’ve made it my mission for the next 52 weeks to offer up some tips.  Just little things that will help us feel, look, exude, BE the SEXY THAT WE ARE!

I look forward to writing these posts because I know what a transformation going from feeling like a total schlump to feeling like a sexy, confident woman is.  Totally hot…Extremely empowering- I promise! And you will find that once YOU know you’ve got it…SO WILL THE WORLD!