If you haven’t had the opportunity to read the previous posts in this series I suggest clicking HERE to take a look.  We talked about some ways to learn to love, really love, yourself.  Finding you and all your sexy little quirks, ideas, and self-thoughts. Things that each of us needs to possess in order to not only act but FEEL and BE the sexy each one of us is!

With all that self-reflection/discovery, it’s time to begin to unveil the sexy you…the one you’ve been hiding!  I’m sure the future will bring us more conversations about our inner musings but today I feel it necessary to target a sexy many of us have stowed away.


You know the routine…  Off work, kick off shoes and get COMFORTABLE.  It’s Saturday.  I want to be COMFORTABLE.  We’re lounging on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars- let me get COMFORTABLE….


Unfortunately, COMFORTABLE usually equals NOT SEXY.  Torn sweats,(insert kiddie character here) pj’s, furry slips… you know.   And underwear- oh my!  Time to lose the worn stretched out- possibly even holey- undies (yes ladies, I know they’re uber comfy…).

I’m not saying you have to parade around in a crotchless fishnet g-string to be sexy (unless, of course, you want to! 😉 ).  Not even close… but you do have to slip into something that makes you FEEL SEXY.

And the great thing about 2011 is that sexy CAN BE COMFORTABLE TOO! 😀  We’ve just got to give those lounge-wear and lingerie drawers an update!


Yes, I certainly understand that many homes include children.  Or in-laws, or house guests, or….  SO WHAT! 

Slip into a cute pair of yoga pants in place of those way-too-large flannel Tweety pants!  Put on a CLEAN tee that FITS instead of that worn collared free tee-shirt you have that is twenty sizes too large!  

ANTI-STRESS Aromatherapy Creamy Massage Oil w/ Pheromones

Before putting on your new “comfy’s” rub yourself down with some Anti-Stress Aromatherapy Creamy Massage Oil – it not only smells totally delish, they’ll swoon over you because of the added pheromone attractants!

Now you can consider yourself COMFORTABLY SEXY!

And as for those undergarments… jeesh ladies, the new sexy styles are MADE FOR COMFORT!

  • Boy Shorts
  • Cheekies
  • Tangas
Gotta love the modern-day designers! Great choices for the anti-thong, g-string woman!  Cute, Sexy, AND Comfortable who woulda thunk?!!
Yes, yes…. you probably can’t run out to Victorias Secret and spend a small college tuition on a whole new drawer full of panties and bras… I know this.  But can you purchase one, or possibly two sets?  

How about this…. Ross, Target, Marshalls- all of these great stores have super-duper cute lingerie departments with FABULOUS discount prices!    Last week I purchased 7 pairs of sexy, comfortable undies- all for under $15 bucks at Marshalls!  All with designer names too!

Here’s the thing… if you slip into sexy things, you FEEL sexy.  When you FEEL sexy, your spouse/partner/lover is going to SEE that SEXY.  And when that special someone acknowledges… hell, THAT’S THE TOP OF THE SEXY-O-METER!


If for some reason you feel you MUST wear those Sponge Bob Squarepants PJ’s… Please, PUH-LEASE, pair them with some sexy undies!  (A quick whisper in his ear about whats under Mr. Squarepants could be fun! 😉 )