I started a new series here on goodiesgirl.com last week-  52 weeks to becoming the sexiest you!  We talked about a lot of general ideas on how to look, feel, act and most importantly BE the Sexy that YOU ARE!

I’m so excited about this journey- My mind is filled with so many great topics!  It was almost impossible to choose which I wanted to begin with!  There are so many fabulous suggestions.  

Some small changes, others large enough to be even possibly life changing!

But I digress…. Here we are- Week 2. 


Yeah, yeah, yeah… We’ve heard it a bazillion times before, right?!  I bet you’re thinking “easier said than done” aren’t you?

But really, ladies it’s the TRUTH!  You’re never going to be that Sexy Goddess you want to without it!love yourself beach

But how?  Maybe we don’t think we’re smart enough.  Pretty enough.  Wealthy enough.  Oh, how that ever-growing list goes on…. 

Here’s the thing- all of that nonsense you’re filling your head with about “you”… well, I can promise you- the world doesn’t notice all of that crap- especially the “man” world!  

With all of that off my barely B-cup chest…. and yes ladies- I’ve LEARNED to LOVE those small boobies of mine ;)…here are just a few fabulous suggestions on how YOU can LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF- it’s a totally sexy thing!

  • you create you picPRETEND– yes, I said pretend!  Act like you’re in love with everything about you!    It’s amazing how our minds work- we can actually TRICK OUR MINDS into BELIEF- because you are the SMARTEST human being your mind knows!  Tell it how utterly FABULOUS you are!!!
  • Self-talk is sometimes our worst enemy.  Make it your days mission to ONLY think WONDERFUL thoughts about yourself.  Feel yourself falling into that “Oh I hate my….” or “Damn my xxx looks Awful”kill those thoughts at the pass- IMMEDIATELY!  And right when you feel that nasty self-talk beginning, REPLACE IT!  Give yourself a little praise….
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.  Stop worrying about doing things “wrong”- I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you expected a terrible outcome only to say to yourself “wow, that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be”….  9 out of 10 times it isn’t!  Trust in you and what you are capable of!
  • FORGIVE YOURSELF.  Yeah, so everything doesn’t always go as planned.  Move on.  We ALL make mistakes- stop beating yourself up!  Take the positive approach and be PRO-ACTIVE.  Let yourself know it’s okay to fall down, just be ready to QUICKLY pick your ass back UP!
  • MAKE A LIST.  That’s right… write it down!  List all the amazing qualities you possess.  You’re allowed to brag here, so that means… DON’T THINK YOU’RE NOT WORTHY ENOUGH to put down all of those FAB-U-ABILITIES!  No one else has to see them… Go crazy!
  • TREAT YOURSELF LIKE YOU TREAT OTHERS.  Most of us are “pleasers”.  We spend all of our time and energy doing everything we can to help those around us.  I’m not saying to stop being nice or lending a helping hand- I‘m just saying if you’re gonna do it for them, you sure as hell better be doing it for you… FIRST!
  • MAKE A NOTE EVERY TIME SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING NICE TO/ABOUT YOU.  Whether in a journal, ayou are amazing note notebook or random post-its, remember the nice compliment or gesture and write it down first chance you get.  When you need that “extra-little boost of confidence” read one, or a couple.  Remind yourself that others like you and you need to like you too!
  • AFFIRMATIONS.  The holy grail of self-love & acceptance… You need to take the list you wrote (see above) and read them to yourself DAILY.  It’s not an easy task- it can be daunting telling yourself how and why you are so magnificent.  But it’s IMPORTANT!  Some great self-affirmation ideas are:

“I fully love and accept myself”
“I am a Strong and Powerful Woman”
“I have the most amazing (fill in blank)”
“I am a loving and compassionate person”

*Post these affirmations in a place you’ll see (and recite) them EVERY SINGLE DAY– on the fridge, your bathroom mirror, your nightstand… It doesn’t matter where they are, it only matters that you go to them and do your thing!

These are only a few of my many suggestions.  Trust me, if you put effort into your journey, you will reap the rewards! SELF LOVE.  I’ve been down that road… I’ve conquered it (for the most-part-   hey… we ALL have a “bad day” here and there)and have helped many other ladies find that Sexy Goddess within themselves!

love yourself today

I’m sure I’ll be posting additional Self-Love tips here and there, but if you’re looking for more ways to embrace yourself now, I’m always just an email, text or phone call away… And always delighted to help!